Hockey ACT Bushfire Pledge

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#WeAreOne Canberra Sporting Codes’ Bushfire Initiative

Canberra’s major sporting teams and codes have joined forces to provide support for the volunteers and those affected by the current bushfire crisis sweeping their respective community territories in the South Coast, Monaro and Southern Inland NSW.

The #WeAreOne Call to Action follows Canberra’s Nick Kyrgios’ call for support from his own sport of Tennis, with Canberra’s major sporting codes and teams now joining together to raise money and support for the volunteers, families and communities affected by this tragedy.

The Plus500 Brumbies, Canberra Raiders, UC Capitals, Canberra Cavalry, ACT Meteors, CBR Brave, Canberra Chill, Canberra United FC, Basketball ACT, Tennis ACT, Netball ACT and the GIANTS have all united in an unprecedented effort.

All teams and organisations have agreed to unite together in order to provide what support they could, given the devastation of the current bushfire season which is of a scale we have never witnessed before.

Our wider communities especially those on the NSW South Coast, the Monaro region and Southern Inland NSW are the focus areas of the intended support.

Following in steps that have been taken by Hockey ACT athletes, most notably Glenn Turner and Jess Cox, who are participating at the National Indoor Hockey Festival and whom have committed their own money to support those affected by the current crisis, Hockey ACT and the Canberra Chill are making the following pledge:


For every goal that an ACT team scores during the 2020 Australian Indoor Championships in Wollongong; Hockey ACT will donate $10 towards the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal!


Our Open’s teams have taken off with a great start of 35 goals for the Men and 16 goals for the Women …

That’s $510 and counting! Keep going ACT, we hope to score at least 200 goals before the end of the tournament!

We also challenge our own members, and fellow states and territories playing in the Indoor Championships to make a similar pledge and/or appeal to the Bushfire Crisis affecting so many Australians. Every little bit helps. Let’s stand together and support our fellow Australians during this difficult time and help with efforts into the future!


A message from Rob Sheekey, CEO Hockey ACT and Canberra Chill 

It has been an exceptionally difficult period witnessing the devastation that the current bushfire emergency has and continues to cause across Australia. As is always the case though in Australia the toughest of times brings out the best in the Australian people.

Hockey ACT and the Canberra Chill are proud to be involved with the #weareone initiative and will commence our fundraising appeal by offering $10 for every goal that our ACT sides score at the Australian Indoor Hockey National Championships currently taking place in Wollongong. This is following on steps that have been taken by the athletes themselves notably Glenn Turner and Jess Cox who are participating at the event who have committed their own money to support those affected by the current crisis. We hope that these donations along with the others raised across the country can offer assistance to those families affected to begin the rebuilding process.

If you wish to contribute to and support those affected by the bushfire crisis please see the links below to relevant national and state causes & charities:

Thank you for your support, and together we can help our fellow Australians during this crisis!


Hockey ACT Sponsors and Partners