Summer Social

Summer Social Hockey

Want to try hockey as a new sport, but want something social and not too serious to begin with?

Are you wanting to sneak in some match practice before the 2020 Winter Season? Symptoms include driving to the Hockey Centre on a Saturday or Sunday for no particular reason, practicing drags in the lounge room and avoiding the stench of the keeper’s kit coming from the garage.

Hockey ACT will once again save those in need of a hockey fix, or those wanting to try the game! The summer social season runs in two different formats with both Thursday night and Sunday evening hockey.

Thursday night competitions are run between 6pm and 9pm and is a format for those looking to play the “real deal” with 35 minute halves and full rules with bar prizes at the end of the season for all participants. Round 1 of this competition will commence TBC.

Sunday Social is run on a Sunday afternoon/evening between 3pm and 8pm and has more of social feel with modified rules such as never more men than women on the field, shots cannot be hit or raised, no penalty strokes or penalty corners. Round 1 of this competition will commence TBC.

To Nominate a team please click on the links below:

Thursday Social Nomination Form | Editable Doc

Sunday Social Nomination Form | Editable Doc

If you’re an individual looking to get involved or don’t quite have a whole team to nominate, please contact  Hockey ACT’s membership coordinator and we will be able to find a team for you!


Summer Social Draws 2020 (Jan to March)



If you have any questions or enquirers about our Summer Social competition please contact the HACT membership coordinator

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