The Pakistan Trophy Returns to Hockey ACT Competition in 2020

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Updated Thursday 30th July, 2020



Hockey ACT are excited to announce that they will be reintroducing the Pakistan Trophy for the remainder of the 2020 Winter Outdoor Season.

The Pakistan Trophy was donated to Hockey ACT by the Pakistan Hockey Federation in 1970 and was played for in the Junior Boys competition up until 1979. 50 years later, the trophy will again re-enter the Hockey ACT competition, however to be contested by teams throughout the entire senior and junior outdoor competition. The winner of the trophy each week will be decided by competition points earned during the matches. With the team who holds the Trophy at the end of the regular season, awarded as winners of the Pakistan Trophy for 2020.

As Old Canberran’s Hockey Club were the original bearers of the trophy in 1970; they will again begin with the trophy in 2020.

They will first be challenged by the University of Canberra Hockey Club across the following games this round, hitting off an exciting weekend of hockey:

  • Capital League 1 Women’s Game
  • State League 1 Men’s Game
  • State League 3 Women’s Game




  1. The winner of the trophy each week will be decided by competition points earned in the matches played over each round.
  2. The trophy will be contested by the club that the Trophy defender plays the most matches against on the weekend across both junior and senior competition.
    • If the defender plays the same number of matches against two or more clubs then the challenger will be the club that has had the least amount of opportunities to challenge the trophy for that year.
    • If this number is equal HACT will conduct a draw to determine the challenger.


  1. If any club forfeits a game, the trophy will be awarded to the non-forfeiting team regardless of the outcome of the other matches.
  2. The winner of the Pakistan Trophy will be the club that holds the trophy after the last round of the regular season.
  3. The Pakistan Trophy will be presented at Brophy McKay Presentation Night.





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